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  • We are able to fulfill all requests and expectations of our clients
  • Flexible policy and fast response in any situation is our credo
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
  • Flexible Policy and Fast Response in Any Situation is Our Credo
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
About company

MG Engineering Company LLP has been formed in August, 2002 at the initiative of a group of specialists worked in oil and gas and construction branches of industry for a long time. Until December, 2013, the company was known as Munai Grafika. However, after completion of the corporate restructuring, it has been renamed and continues operating under a new name reflecting the main trend of the professional activity.

MG Engineering company is specialized in engineering development and design, logistics and procurement, and management of oil and gas structures and enterprise construction.

The goal is a qualitative performance (at a maximum tight and guaranteed schedule) of a complex of engineering services ensuring and complying with all customer requirements.

To achieve the goals, MG Engineering Company LLP has a potential already formed. In our work, we apply all available opportunities and tools including:

  • use of the best available technologies;
  • quality management system operating and certified;
  • constant professional and qualification development of the staff;
  • innovative approaches and modern engineering solutions;
  • efficient management of design;
  • application of a practical experience of the previous projects implemented.

By operating in the market conditions and realizing a necessity to improve competitiveness, we are making much of the constant improvement of quality of the service provided. To reduce deadlines when complying with the quality standards, the MG Engineering Company LLP is using up-to-date technologies and design in full.

By implementing numerous serious projects, we have considerably expanded an offered market of our services. The boundaries of our cooperation cover both local and foreign partners.

Criteria of successful activity:

  • the customer interest in our services;
  • clear formulation of the services provided;
  • full scope of works performed from analysis and design to the facility turnkey operation;
  • contractor works and services thorough planning and performance control;
  • division of project by stages;
  • close cooperation with a customer partner in the course of operations;
  • reality and justifiability of the customer expectations;
  • clear understanding of the tasks and goals in hand by every team member;
  • industrious and qualified personnel focused on the best work performance.