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  • We are able to fulfill all requests and expectations of our clients
  • Flexible policy and fast response in any situation is our credo
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
  • Flexible Policy and Fast Response in Any Situation is Our Credo
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
Our Projects

Our company cooperates on a permanent basis with the design institutes of Russian, Ukraine, Latvia, Canada and Germany.

Since 2002, the company has participated in implementation of more than 150 projects on construction of oil and gas enterprises, facilities and structures.

Each project being implemented complies with the strategic plan of our company. It is based on a maximum satisfaction of the Client needs. However, his individual requests and comments are studied, analyzed and considered with further updates in the course of work.


Client "KazGerm Service"

  • The construction of NGV-refuelling compressor station at the city Shymkent, st.KaykeldyBatyr building 19/1 LLP

Client LLP "Sagiz Petroleum"

  • Construction of Transfer and acceptance point Copa with the main pipeline from the CPF to the TAP "Copa" and camp field for 20 people in Bayganinskom district of Aktobe region

Client "Prospera Resources" LLP

  • Updating the design specifications and estimates for the “Oil loading terminal Sagiz” (OLT)

Client PetroKazakhstanOil Products LLP

  • Field supervision during construction and assembling works for the project “Construction of the oil single point loading with vapor recovery on Shymkent Refinery"

Client China oil corporation in technology and development

  • Project feasibility: Construction of a plant for the production of ETBE / MTBE and powder polypropylene.

Client KnaufGipsKapchagay LLP

  • Gas supply of the plant for the production of gypsum-cardboard sheets and dry construction mixtures


  • Design and survey work "Equipping of the production facilities of the Atyrau Refinery LLP with monitoring devices"

Client CaspiOilGas LLP

  • development of Rakushechnoye oil field during production test exploration. Oil processing center at the Rakushechnoye oil field.

Client Alties Petroleum International B.V.

  • development of Besbolek oil field during exploration and production;
  • construction of oil pipeline from Akzhar field to KazTransOil JSC trunkline tie-in;
  • Karsak oil receiving and transportation station;
  • process procedure of Karsak CODAP operation;
  • designing 35kV overhead power transmission line from the existing Zharkamys substation to Akzhar design substation.

Client Buzachi Neft LLP

  • development and implementation of the program on associated gas utilization at Karaturun Offshore and Karaturun East oil and gas fields.

Client Kazkhimmontazh holding JSC (Agip KCO)

  • development of the Kashagan East oil and gas field. Vertical steel tanks of 1500m³; 1800m³; 2200m³ and 5800m³ volume for construction workers camp utilities onsite water storage.

Client Kazakh Institute for Oil and Gas Transport LLP

At request and on the instructions of KITNG LLP's shareholders, from December, 2007 to June, 2011, significant stages of works on the "Efficient organization design" project management have been implemented by the group of leading officials and chief specialists of the MG Engineering Company to perform the following design work package:

  • "Construction of Kazakhstan-China gas trunkline";
  • "Construction of Kenkiyak-Kumkol oil trunkline".

Client Big Sky Energy Corp.

  • development of Morskoye oilfield.

Client Lancaster Petroleum (KKM Operating Company JSC)

  • gathering and transportation of products from Kokzhide-Nadsolevoye oilfield wells;
  • expansion of oil processing shop at the Kokzhide-Nadsolevoye oilfield;
  • new rotation village for service personnel accommodation;
  • development of regulatory technical documentation on "Process losses of oil and gas during gathering, transportation and treatment at the KKM Operating Company JSC industrial facilities".

Client CNPC-Aktobemunaigas JSC

  • facilities and structures of automated sealed oil loading and unloading at the "Bestamak" railway station.

Client Imstalkon JSC

  • construction of the central processing center vertical steel process tanks at "Karazhanbas" oil and gas field;
  • reconstruction of "Tengiz" pumping intermediate station tank farm;
  • tank farm of treated sour water and general maintenance at "Tengiz" oilfield.

Client Karazhanbasmunai JSC

  • installation of group metering stations;
  • construction of new processing facilities at "Karazhanbas" oil and gas field;
  • expansion of booster pump station tank farm at "Karazhanbas" oil and gas field;
  • expansion of central processing center.

Client CaspiNeft TME JSC

  • gathering and transportation of products from "Alibek South" oil and gas condensate field wells;
  • expansion of oil loading station at "Alibek South" field;
  • water injection facility at "Alibek South" field;
  • intrafield roads at "Alibek South" field;
  • reconstruction of "Kenkiyak" PS-110/35/10 kW substation and other power supply facilities and units.

Client Condensate JSC

  • repair and replacement of GP-3-Orenburg nonpurified gas pipeline section;
  • development of conceptual project of the company petrol-filling station, Uralsk.

Client MontazhSpetsStroy JSC

  • development of tender documentation on the "Expansion of the seawater intake facility";
  • modular building of Tengizchevroil LLP temporary Office;
  • gas turbine power station at "Dunga" oil and gas field.

Client BN Munai LLP

  • development of "Kzyloi" gas field in Aktyubinsk region;
  • intrafield gas gathering pipelines.

Client Dostyk Refinery LLP

  • "Dostyk-2" railway light oils export-transshipment bulk plant;
  • reconstruction of "Dostyk" railway export-transshipment bulk plant.

Client Prosystems Petroleum LLP

  • reconstruction of service petrol-filling station, Almaty.

Client Sinooil LLP

  • reconstruction of petroleum supply point, Astana;
  • service petrol-filling station, Almaty region, Karasai district, Kaskelen-Shamalgan lay of line;
  • service petrol-filling station, Almaty region, Enbekshikazakh district;
  • service petrol-filling station, Almaty region, Zhambyl district, Uzunagash village.

Client Artis Overseas S.A.Kazakhstan LLP

  • oil terminal expansion. Aktau sea port.

Client Zhaikmunai LLP

  • facilities and structures of Chinarevskoye oil and gas condensate field development.

Client Kazakhoil Aktobe LLP

  • development of "Kozhasai" oil and gas condensate field during production test period;
  • oil receiving and treatment station at "Alibekmola" oil and gas condensate field;
  • industrial effluents utilization system by their injection to the formation at "Alibekmola" field;
  • reservoir pressure maintenance system in the north of "Alibekmola" oil and gas condensate field;
  • development of process procedure for operation of oil treatment station at "Alibekmola" field;
  • power supply system at "Kozhasai" field;
  • air transmission power lines of 6kV capacity with "Alibekmola South" substation for power supply of "Alibekmola" field central processing center.

Client Ken-Sary LLP

  • development of "Arystanovskoye" oil field during exploration and production test. Startup complex I, II;
  • development of "Arystanovskoye" field. Startup complex III;
  • oil treatment station of "Arystanovskoye" field.

Client Kazakh-China Pipeline LLP

  • construction of Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline. Kenkiyak-Kumkol section. "Consolidated emergency response station".

Client MegaTransAsia LLP

  • expansion of bulk plant facilities. Petroleum products processing shop at Beskol station, Alakolskiy district, Almaty region;
  • oil refinery of 1 100 000 t/year capacity;
  • oil refinery of 600 000 t/year capacity.

Client NT Nurly Munai LLP

  • "NT Nurly Munai" crude oil delivery and acceptance point.

Client Sagiz Petroleum Company LLP

  • evaluation of scope and cost of "Ebity" crude oil delivery and acceptance point construction and assembly. Interlocking pipeline including tie-in to "Kenkiyak-Atyrau" oil trunkline at Baiganinskiy district, Aktyubinsk region.

Client South Oil LLP

  • construction of oil custody metering skid and oil pipeline at "Kenlyk" oil field including tie-in to the "Kenkiyak-Kumkol" oil trunkline.

Client TEK Kazakhstan LLP

  • reconstruction of fuel warehouses of locomotive servicing at Dostyk, Ushtobe and Kostanai railway stations.

Client Umai-Market LLP

  • dispatching railway terminal of light oils, Arys city;
  • technical assistance and construction management.

Client Ernst and Young consulting services LLP

  • development of feasibility study for construction and operation of 95 vehicle gas-filling compressor stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

and many more projects, works and services