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  • We are able to fulfill all requests and expectations of our clients
  • Flexible policy and fast response in any situation is our credo
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
  • Flexible Policy and Fast Response in Any Situation is Our Credo
  • We are able to meet all needs and expectations of our clients
Key Focus Areas

The company activity is aimed at superior implementation of engineering and design package, construction of new facilities, reconstruction and upgrade of oil and gas industrial facilities and structures already in operation.

The company is open for cooperation and is ready to accept any mutually beneficial offers in efficient performance of oil and gas production, treatment and transportation projects both inside and outside Kazakhstan.


  • development of oil and gas condensate fields:
     - well development;
     - systems of field gathering of well products;
     - metering stations;
     - formation water primary discharge units;
     - reservoir pressure maintenance systems;
     - cluster pumping and compressor stations;
  • facilities of oil and gas treatment to market standard:
     - oil and gas treatment units;
     - products receiving and recording units;
     - oil separation units including degassing, dehydration, demineralization and demercaptanization;
     - gas sweetening and dehydration units;
     - preliminary gas processing terminals (PGPT);
     - gas processing plants (GPP);
     - units for preparation of mud and components associated with oil and gas treatment;
     - reservoir water treatment units;
     - process pumping and compressor stations;
     - tank farms for gathering ready products;
     - pumping and compressor stations to pump ready products;
  • oil and gas transportation facilities and structures:
     - any purpose trunklines;
     - oil and gas field, process and distribution pipelines;
  • facilities for oil, gas and hydrocarbon materials processing;
  • petroleum products storage, distribution and sales;
  • gas storage, distribution and sales;
  • other facilities incorporated into the infrastructure of oil production, pipeline transport, industrial and civil structures;
  • fire and electro-chemical protection systems;
  • communications, power-, heat- and gas supply means, air conditioning systems and other utilities;
  • systems of automated control and management of process flows and facilities;
  • actions to prevent the environmental contamination with oil and petroleum products, power saving and labor protection.


  • technical and economic estimates;
  • feasibility study of investments.


  • existing oil and gas package facilities including assessment of their environmental impact;
  • development of recommendations for repair, reconstruction and upgrade of oil and gas package facilities inspected.




  • preparing documentation and holding tenders;
  • obtaining and arranging input data;
  • preparation of technical specifications;
  • preparation of documentation and doing approvals;
  • procurement for oil and gas industry;
  • management of construction, implementation of separate oil and gas package facilities, industrial and civil construction on a turn-key basis.